The worst Father’s Day gifts ever conceived

The Worst Father’s Day Gifts Ever Conceived

We’ve waded through the socks, cufflinks, hip flasks and novelty aprons to bring you the very worst Father’s Day presents ever created. So many hip flasks by the way – Dad’s are apparently always on the brink of hitting the bottle (and need a personalised pewter vessel to reflect this).

Here’s our top 10 bullshit Father’s Day gifts for the outdated, stereotypical Dad.


1. Boredom Busting Activity Tokens

Worlds Worst Father's Day Presents - Boredom

Nothing says ‘you’re an excellent Dad’ like a jar full of Boredom Busting Activity Tokens. Our personal favourites include ‘Have a slow motion race’ and ‘Find 10 Red things – first one wins!’

2. Cufflink Tray and Watch Stand

Worst Father's Day Gifts - Cufflinks's and watch tray

Because every Dad wants to be told that he’s a bungling old fool.

3. ‘Sawdust is Man Glitter’ Mug

World's Worst Father's Day Gifts - Sawdust mug

Really? Why even stop at the mug? Push the boat out this Father’s Day and get your Dad a 10kg bag of wood shavings from Wickes.

4. Chocolate Pie and Pint

Worst Father's Day Gifts - Chocolate Pie and Pint

That pie crust looks simply divine. We could be wrong but we reckon your Dad might just prefer the real fucking thing – ie. for you to pull your finger out and cook him something edible or buy him a drink for once.

5. Personalised Camping Mallet

World's Worst Father's Day gifts - Personalised Camping Mallet

Happy Father’s Day Dad. Try not to bludgeon yourself to death with disappointment.

6. Personalised Pint Mug

Worst Father's Day Gift Ideas - Personalised Pint Mug

Everything a Dad drinks must resemble a beer. Those are the rules. Bonus points for choosing a dimpled pint glass style to make sure your dad feels like a ploughman’s-munching 80 year old.

7. Marble Noughts And Crosses Board Game

World's Worst Father's Day gifts - Marble Noughts And Crosses Board Game

The ultimate 20-second battle of wits in luxurious marble form – AND your Dad is probably going to let you win. What’s not to like?

8. Personalised Hobbies T-Shirt

World's Worst Father's Day gifts - Personalised Hobbies T-Shirt
A wearable Father’s Day reminder of the sacrifices he’s made – or the current hobbies he scarcely has time to enjoy. Oh and he’s only allowed three, obvs.

9. Harmonica School Experience for One

World's Worst Father's Day gifts - Harmonica School Experience for One

“Oh is it just for one? You didn’t fancy coming along?” “Nah Dad I’m alright”
Look at that chap in the back row, he’s in his element.

10. Personalised Matching Pyjamas

World's Worst Father's Day presents - Personalised Matching Pyjamas

There are no words.

there are no words


This is barely scratching the surface of clichéd Father’s Day gifts available.

We left out a pair of socks with sandals printed on them, one of those caps you mount beer cans on, a personalised dibber (look it up), along with hundreds of tankards, wash bags and other generic Daddy dross.

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