Wake the f*ck Up – get your caffeine kick for National Tea Day!

Wake the F*ck Up – it’s National Tea Day


Tired AF and you just can’t deal?


Feel like this is a great way to spend a Friday night? Out cold on the sofa. #sleepgoals


Are you always hitting the snooze button for those extra minutes of shut-eye, and yet still feel like a zombie at the office?


Rubbing those eyebags won’t solve the problem.


Maybe throw a tantrum to make it all better? No, that’s not the answer either…

Luckily for you, it’s National Tea Day and to celebrate, we’ve launched Wake the F*ck Up Tea!


That’s right, we’ve created an invigorating blend of black tea infused with fragrant ginger pieces and natural flavours.

Wake the F*ck Up Tea leaves

It helps you to clear your head, increase productivity and generally wake the f*ck up.


So put the kettle on and grab a brew of WTFU. It’s time to disperse that morning fog and stir your senses. It’s all the #MondayMotivation you need.


Oh and if you think you’re getting a little too wired, just take a long, refreshing sip of our sister blend, Calm the Fuck Down Tea.  The perfect antidote to an overbearing week.


Between the pair of them, we reckon we’ve got hot drinks down to a ‘tea’. Geddit?

Forget it…


Happy National Tea Day, y’all!

Please note: All gifs courtesy of Giphy.