Unusual Christmas gifts for really quirky people

Unusual Christmas Gifts

When it comes to unusual Christmas gifts and unique present ideas we completely obliterate the competition.

For over 18 years we’ve been creating and finding the most unusual, maddest, coolest gift ideas you can find anywhere online. We do this for you. And us to be fair. But mostly for you. We want you to bathe in festive kudos for stealing the show with unique presents and weird gifts.

Because you’re not usual. We all know that! Usual is boring. Middle of the road. Unimaginative. And that’s for everyone else.

No, you’ve got a twinkle in your eye and a quite lovely one too. So when it comes to buying something unique for someone special at Christmas, you know we’re the only the place to go for unusual gift ideas.

Stuffed Blobfish 

Christmas is usually drenched in cuteness. Little doe-eyed animals. Smiling Santa. Cherubic children. Bleeeuuuurrgghh.

Nah. Not for us. Not for you. Embrace the ‘ugliest animal on the planet’ with the plush stuffed Blobfish. Just look at his/her miserable pout. No wonder they’re endangered!

Unusual Christmas Gifts - Stuffed Blobfish

Fridgezoo Fridge Pets

The most used door in the house at Christmas is the fridge. Back doors are for New Year celebrations. The fridge is where everyone will be drawn to. Mindless, Zombified checking for something to snack on. Something to push the belt out another notch.

That’s why you need the mental and unique Fridgezoo to shout random Japanese at you every time you open the door. At least make your mindless habit hilarious fun.

Unusual Christmas Gifts - Fridgeezoo Fridge Pets

Pyropet Candle

Quirky is a terrible word really isn’t it. It’s not as bad as wacky, but sweet Jesus it’s close. Anyway if anyone calls the Pyropet candle quirky. You have our permission to push them in the face with an open hand.

This is unusual. Watch as this sweet looking kitten candle burns to reveal its macabre metal skeleton. Turning the usual candle experience into something a bit weird (and possibly satanic). Happy Xmas!

Unusual Christmas Gifts - PyroPet Candle

Edible Anus Chocolate

When you’re fit to burst like Mr Creosote, after festive excess. There’s always room for a small rich anus.

Unusual Christmas Gifts

Mopet Robot Mop

Oh look, now the excitement has worn off and everything has been opened, you now live in the world’s messiest house. Not anymore. ROBOT CLEANER!!

Unusual Christmas Gifts - Mopet Robot Mop

Stress Sausages

All you need to know is here

Unusual Christmas Gifts - Stress Sausages

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