Top gadget gifts for men they’ll actually love this Christmas

Top Gadget Gifts for Men this Christmas

Top Gadget Gifts for Men this Christmas. Such a powerful combination of words and ideas.

Men. Gadgets. Men. Christmas. Men. Gifts. Men. Firebox.

Wow. Let it be known, that we know these gadgets are anything but ‘just for men’. However, it would be churlish and quite incorrect to ignore the fact that when it comes to Christmas presents for men, you can’t beat a nice bit of gadgetry.

We’ve handpicked a few of our top gadget gifts for him this Christmas. From Virtual Reality to Sci-fi communication to revolutionary app-based ways to track anything you love to cool lights to unusual ways to keep your errant nasal hair in check. Firebox has you covered.

So, here we go with a few Christmas gift suggestions for the males in your life.

Tile Slim

The easiest, coolest way to keep track of your precious belongings via the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracker. A perfect present for the scattergun male.

Christmas Gadget Gifts for Men - Tile Slim

(Original Tile also available).

Infinity Virtual Reality Headset

Created by Firebox. The world’s comfiest, coolest looking fully featured entry level smartphone VR Headset.

Christmas Gadget Gifts for Men - Infinity Virtual Reality Headset

(Won’t leave you with embarrassing red ring marks around your eyes like inferior products!)

Star Trek: Original Series Bluetooth Communicator

A really unique gift for the Star Trek uber fan. Make and receive calls like the king of the nerds! Lovingly crafted and based on the last remaining communicator prop in the universe. Gift someone a real collectable this Christmas.

Christmas Gadget Gifts for Men - Star Trek Original Series Bluetooth Communicator

(Khaan you call me later?)


Kickstarter funded portable ultra-cool light gadget for the adventurous man.

Christmas Gadget Gifts for Men - Luminoodle

(that dog looks ace. I bet it’s a bit phlegmy around the jowls mind).

Ray Gun Nose Trimmer

It’s ‘laser’ hair removal at a fraction of the price on the high street! A great gift for the rope nostrilled/lugholed man in your life.

Christmas Gadget Gifts for Men - Ray Gun Nose Trimmer

It might be a bit sexist to say these are gadgets for men. But don’t blame us, blame search engines for making us talk about them this way. Or evolution. As studies with chimpanzees suggest that males are genetically predisposed to like playing with toys with moving parts and females like toys with faces. So there.

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