Our top 3 personalised Father’s Day gifts 2017

Our top 3 personalised Father’s Day gifts 2017

Buying a unique gift for Dad on Father’s Day is an arduous task. Everyone knows that a personalised present is the holy grail, so why are personalised Father’s Day gifts usually so awful? Yay, another clichéd mug or uproarious apron.

No more! At Firebox, we’ve gathered a distinctly unusual range of customised Father’s Day gift ideas for your dad.


How about your dad’s friendly face smeared majestically across a comfy little cushion? Our Mushions are a sterling addition to your sofa and the perfect excuse for making inappropriate jokes about your mum sitting on your dad’s face. Personalised Father’s Day gifts don’t get much more unusual (and slightly disturbing) than this.


Brick Yourself

Brick Yourself is the perfect personalised present for the Father figure (lol) in your life. All you need to do is upload a picture of your Dad (full frontal), add a few of his likes and hobbies – you can even add some choice words underneath to finish it off.


Fresh Face

We hate a parental cliché as much as anyone – but ‘Dad’s Taxi’ is very real and we’ve all pushed our luck at 5am. With this in mind, why not get your Dad a set of personalised Fresh Faces for Father’s Day? Your swinging, sweet-smelling face will be a constant reminder of those classic car journeys. Him in the front, scowling at the road. You in the back, regretting that cider-downing competition and trying not vomit on the back of his head. Aww.

Fresh Face - Father's Day

Personalised Father’s Day gifts are the future, but head this way if you’d like to see the rest of our Father’s Day range.