Check out the best Christmas gifts for her

Congratulations internet conquistador. You’ve just stumbled fortuitously into the best Christmas gifts for her 2017. As curated by the fine festive folk of Firebox.

We’ve gathered the most unusual, mind-blowing, coolest swag for your closest gal this Christmas. Let’s get tucked in.


Unicorn Tears Gin 

Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur

This Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur is made from the REAL Tears of Unicorns. Crafted in a private location, ethically harvested from the tears of our free-range Unicorn herd. Our closely-guarded extraction process (patent-pending) produces a bestial booze that will blow her mind!

Beauty and The Beast Chip Mug

Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug

Whether she’s a fan of hot drinks (most people) or a lover of Disney (everyone) – she needs the Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug in her life. Its (his?) cheery, vulnerable face staring up at her from her morning cuppa is all she needs to start the day off right.

Prosecco Pong 

Prosecco Pong

Prosecco Pong strips away the “ALLRIIIGHT! FRAT PARDAAAY!” element and brings a touch of class to the usual pong proceedings. Well, for the first glass or two maybe. Give her the gift of festive drinking jollity minus the yucky red cups and sloshing lager.

Prynt Pocket 

Prynt Pocket

The perfectly-sized Prynt Pocket marries the digital and analog worlds so that you can turn your smartphone photos (filters, stickers n’ all) into gorgeous instant photos! Gift it to the dedicated photographer of the group so she can instantly print all the embarrassing photos from the night before from their phone.

Enchanted Light-Up Unicorn Slippers 

Enchanted Light Up Unicorn Slippers

These Enchanted Light-Up Unicorn Slippers are endowed with protruding gold horns, miniature splayed hooves and vibrant fluffy manes, but that’s not all…their cheeks possess a vibrant arrow of rainbow lights! Now, who wouldn’t be absolutely f*cking elated to received these as a gift?



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