3 Summer Cocktails to Quench Your Boozy Thirst

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There is only one thing to do when facing a never-ending heatwave…

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But you’ve probably had your fair share of boring beers and sickly fruit ciders this summer, you’re due an upgrade.

So we’ve created some easy artisan cocktails to tide you over on the booze front until hot chocolate season rears its chilly head.

Of course, these are best made with Firebox’s very own superior spirits – in fact, we INSIST on it. But if you don’t care about making the best cocktails possible then Aldi plonk will do.

Deep Blue C (osmopolitan) Cocktail Recipe

Deep Blue C (osmopolitan)

Plunge into a refreshing cove and let the semi-aquatic sirens serenade your taste buds. This mermaid lemonade is boozy, blue, and bloody quenching.


2 shots of Mermaid Tears vodka

1 shot of Blue Curacao

10ml lime juice

Sliced lime, for garnish

Ice, obvs

This is how we do:

  • Throw the vodka, blue curacao, and lime juice into a shaker and give it a… shake. Pretend you’re Poseidon whipping up a tasty riptide. Gently pour it into your glass like the Sea God you are.
  • Plonk the ice in. For this step, Poseidon (AKA you) rises from the depths and slices some chunks off a particularly appealing iceberg. Acting this out is crucial to achieving the perfect cocktail.
  • Sling in some sliced lime and you’re in business. Oh, we forgot to mention that it’s Poseidon’s special… sea lime. Mmm, juicy. Enjoy!

Unicollins (that's a unicorn collins btw)

Unicorn collins (unicollins)

Not to toot our own horn but this is possibly the prettiest cocktail we’ve ever seen. And we know our cocktails. Take a sip of pure summer sweetness and feel the unicorn magic get to work on your inhibitions.


2 shots of Raspberry Unicorn Tears Gin

1 serving of grenadine, to taste (AKA add as much as your pancreas will let you add)

5 fresh raspberries (again, or more if you’re feeling fruity)

1/2 glass of soda water

Ice, obvs

Tell me how, Firebox:

  • Pop the raspberries in and chase them with grenadine. Muddle them together, there’s no room for order in the Unicorn Kingdom. Bonus points if you get the grenadine to turn a little bit red from bashing the berries around.
  • Ice is nice, let’s add some. Drop the cubes in and follow with our shimmering raspberry Unicorn Tears Gin, channelling the power of the horned beasts themselves.
  • Ignore the fairies beckoning you to neck the whole lot here and now.
  • Add soda water. You’re so nearly there.
  • Call on the creatures of The Magical Forest (don’t ask which forest in particular, just whichever one is nearest to your house) to stir it for you. Get bored of waiting and stir it yourself.
  • Sip and relax! You’ve earned it after all that fuss with the mythical beasts. They’re a tricky lot.

Phoenix Punch

Phoenix Punch

If getting smacked in the mouth by a phoenix wouldn’t leave you with third degree burns, it would probably be amazing. Tropical, fiery, and just the right balance of sour and sweet: this is Phoenix Punch.


1 serving of grenadine, to taste

2 shots of Phoenix Tears rum

1/4 glass of pineapple juice

1/4 glass of mango juice

Pineapple/raspberry chunks (optional!)

Pineapple leaves/edible flowers, for garnish (optional!)

Let’s mix this thang: 

  • Measure out the grenadine and combine with a fiery splash of Phoenix Tears rum.
  • Stir in an equal measure of pineapple juice and mango juice to fill the glass.
  • Visualise a phoenix flying in through the window and plonking edible flowers and pineapple leaves into the mix – while you do the work yourself, obvs. Or fresh chunks of pineapple and raspberries into the glass if you’re feeling super fruity.
  • Stir.
  • Slurp.