The best stocking fillers for Christmas 2016

The Best Stocking Fillers for Christmas 2016

When we talk about stocking fillers, do we actually mean candy canes, toy cars, a crap selection box, oranges and bits of coal in a naff red and white giant sock hanging over a raging fireplace?

No. We don’t. We’re not 9 years old.

When WE say stocking fillers, we mean cool smaller extra presents to build around the main Christmas gift. The type of cool oddity, gadget or lifestyle accessory that ends up stealing the entire day.

Obviously you can still stuff them in your stocking should you be so traditionally minded. No one is judging you here. Just don’t relegate them to the periphery on Christmas Day. Our selection demands respect.

Stocking fillers for him? Check. Stocking fillers for her? Check.

Let’s take a look at a small selection of our best gifts for your ‘stocking’ for Christmas 2016.


If you buy someone something as a stocking filler, they HAVE to use it. In front of you. It’s the law. This is an incredible legal loophole. Make someone look like this on Christmas Day…

Christmas Stocking Fillers - Hyperlip

Marmite Popcorn

Strategic gifting. They HAVE to share it with you if it’s a foodstuff. Again, that’s just the law. Also because it’s very much an acquired taste there’s a 50/50 chance they won’t even want it and you get the lot!!

Christmas Stocking Fillers - Marmite Popcorn

Solar System Lollipops

Has a friend or family member ever wondered what Uranus tastes like? Now they can guess no more.

Christmas Stocking Fillers - Solar System Lollipops

Giant STD’s

Crabs. The Clap. Herpes. These festive venereal diseases are often found in warm stockings.

Christmas Stocking Fillers - Giant STDs Plush Toys

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals

There’s no maybe about it.

Stocking Fillers - Maybe you touched your genitals hand sanitizer

Big Hug Mug

Matthew McConnougheyyy (can’t be bothered to check google) is lovely isn’t he.

Christmas Stocking Fillers- Big Hug Mug

Your stockings will end up laddered by this heaving mass of festive goodies. Congratulations. You’ve now taken a bit part of the Christmas experience and aced it. This is just the tip of the wintry iceberg. Check out the rest of our offering here