The best personalised gifts for her this Christmas

Our personalised gifts for her are the best way to show someone special you know what they look like. Or what matters to them. Or that you remember their name.

Or you could give them a cool personalised present with your face on. So they know who got them it. And love you forever.

Personalised gifts are the thinking person’s not personalised gifts, and the unusual possibilities are endless.

Super seriously. Personalising some of our exclusive products for the lady, woman, girl in your life is a sure fire way to her heart. And her brains. And sometimes her stomach.

Has someone got a problem with the presents you’ve been buying them? Well, this time it’s personal(ised gifts for her).

Hold on to your person(s). The Firebox gift ideas for a customised Christmas are here…

Head Case

Head Case

Nothing says “that’s my luggage!” quite like a giant version of your own face, smiling back at you as it shudders round the conveyor belt. Perhaps your friend is a bit of a jet-setter, perhaps she has disastrous luck with losing luggage, perhaps she just wants to roll a cabin bag with her face on it to work – gift her Head Case and make her wildest dreams come true.


Personalised Gifts for Her - Mushion

Your mush + a cushion = Mushion. Potential for ‘sit on my face’ jokes included free of charge. Give her a personalised gift that’s truly personal to her, being a cushion with her actual face on it. Or, if you’re feeling creepy, get your face printed on it, just to keep front of mind.

Personalised Hot Heads

Personalised Hot Heads

Ever wished you could give a friend a nice, big, warm hug, but couldn’t because of logistical reasons? Enter, Personalised Hot Heads! Get your face (or a nice, gentle pet’s) printed on a heatable, scented cushion and gift it to her. All she needs to do is pop it in the microwave for a bit to get a lovely snuggle.

Brick Yourself – Personalised Mini Figures

Brick Yourself

If you’ve ever wondered what she would look like yellow, made of plastic and really, really tiny, this is your chance. Simply upload a picture of her (full frontal), add a few facts, likes, and hobbies and we’ll provide a miniature, personalised, lego figure of the lucky lady.

This fantastic offering of personalised gifts for her are just a ‘taster’ of everything we do at Firebox. Grab your underwear and head on over to immerse yourself deeper into our offering. You won’t regret it. Well, you might. But only if you’re easily offended or have no sense of humour.

Are you the opposite to a her? If so, then you might be a him. For personalised Christmas gift ideas for him, check this out over here.