The best personalised gifts for her this Christmas

Our personalised gifts for her are the best way to show someone special you know what they look like. Or what matters to them. Or that you remember their name.

Or you could give them a cool personalised present with your face on. So they know who got them it. And love you forever.

Personalised gifts are the thinking person’s not personalised gifts, and the unusual possibilities are endless.

Super seriously. Personalising some of our exclusive products for the lady, woman, girl in your life is a sure fire way to her heart. And her brains. And sometimes her stomach.

Has someone got a problem with the presents you’ve been buying them? Well, this time it’s personal(ised gifts for her).

Hold on to your person(s). The Firebox gift ideas for a customised Christmas are here…

Brick Yourself

Get a miniature personalised jaundiced/lego version of anyone you want!

Personalised Gifts for Her - Brick Yourself


Your mush + a cushion = Mushion. Potential for ‘sit on my face’ joke included free of charge.

Personalised Gifts for Her - Mushion

M-Y Fronts

Put your face on the front AND the back of these personalised Y-Fronts and win the battle for the best Christmas present of all time.

Personalised Gifts for Her - M-Y Fronts

Instagram Coasters

For all the budding phonetographers out there. Rest your Christmas port/sherry/Unicorn Tears on the Instagram art everyone needs to see (outside of your 34 followers).

Personalised Gifts for Her - Instagram Coasters

Personalised Venn Diagram Print

Science and art combine with imaginative results. Personalise with 3 different words. If your brain can think of something clever enough.

Personalised Gifts for Her - Personalised Venn Diagram Print

Flump Face

Print your features on a festive marshmallow treat!

Personalised Gifts for Her - Flump Face

This fantastic offering of personalised gifts for her are just a ‘taster’ of everything we do at Firebox. Grab your underwear and head on over to immerse yourself deeper into our offering. You won’t regret it. Well, you might. But only if you’re easily offended or have no sense of humour.

Are you the opposite to a her? If so, then you might be a him. For personalised Christmas gift ideas for him, check this out over here (LINK!!).