On Fire – November top 10 coolest products

On Fire – November Top 10

November Top 10

Our highly anticipated November top 10 is in. (Feels like I’m doing Top of the Pops). Every month we round up the top 10 products from our lovely website and this month is no different.

But what’s number 1, could it be the I Love Drugs Mug, Phoenix Tears Rum or maybe some Edible Anuses. Only one way to find out…

10 Tile Mate

Get ready to never lose anything ever again, all thanks to the wizardry of technology. Just attach one of these little fellas to your valuables and you can track it, wherever it ends up. Top tip: If it’s your keys, check the fridge first.

9 Nari the Narwhal Mug

There she brews! Always wanted to sip from the blowhole of this majestic sea beast? now’s your chance.

November Top 10 - Nari the Narwhal Mug

8 Exploding Kittens

As the box explains, ‘For people who are into kittens and explosions’.

7 I Draw Comics

Avid comic book fan or aspiring comic artist? Get your pencil stuck into over 100 pages of templates, tutorials and guides.

November Top 10 - I Draw Comics

6 Bubble Lick Edible Bubbles

Tasty bubble goodness! Turn your favourite drink into a floaty snack. Plus they’re super low in calories, as they’re mainly air.

5 Gin advent calendar

It’s not too late for an advent calendar. Well, it means you get to neck the first 5 days to catch-up, perfect for a Wednesday morning.

November Top 10 - Gin Advent Calendar

4 Giant inflatable unicorn

The name covers it really… it’s 7ft tall!

November Top 10 - Giant Inflatable Unicorn

3 Infinity VR headset

Want to experience another world from the comfort of your living room, now’s your chance.


2 Unicorn Tears Gin

Glittery tears extracted from our free range unicorn herd. Mixed with a selection of botanicals to create a magical Gin experience.

November Top 10 - Unicorn Tears Gin

1 Mystery boxes

Boxes filled with pure mystery. Choose from the following themes Booze, Foodie, Gadgets, Japanese, Unicorn, NSFW and Unusual.

November Top 10 - Mystery Boxes

Want to see what’s in our Top 10 or even 50 right now? Head over to Firebox.com and have a look see.