Meet Alicia Rihko! The pink-mad illustrator of our brand new Mermaid Tea packaging

Who better than crazy-gifted illustrator and maestro of pink Alicia Rhiko to illustrate our packaging for Mermaid Tea? A tea which…wait for it…turns from blue to pink when you squeeze in lemon juice. We love working with quirky creative talent (have you seen the illustrations on our site?!), and Seville-born illustrator Alicia’s sexy, evocative style is perfect to represent our tea; which not only looks seriously cool but has restoring, revitalising properties. When we talked about Mermaid Tea in product development meetings (ya, we create our own products –  check out our full Created By Firebox range here), we knew our mermaid had to be sassy AF; mermaids ain’t no wimps, after all, they’re powerful, shipwrecking chicas. Check it out, we think you’ll agree Mermaid Tea is the baddest tea on the shelf. F**K Tetleys.

Mermaid Tea

We love the Pink! Have you always worked in pink?

Adding pink to the illustrations came to me a year ago, about this date. I needed a background color, and this seemed to highlight the design, and gave it life. Although pink is not a color that fascinates me, I recognize that I really like it in my work.


Your images are all very cinematic – what inspires them?

 I love photography, and films. I know that my illustrations are not like a realistic painting, but although it is an illustration based on black lines,  I do try to add a very detailed background and create an atmosphere for the character.


Why do you think mermaids are having such a moment? What do Mermaids mean to you?

They have a strong aesthetic. For me they are fantastic creatures with lots of sensuality, eroticism, and magic.


What was the thinking behind your design for the Mermaid Tea packaging?

I knew that pink and blue had to be reflected in the design. The first thing that came to my mind was a mermaid in the center, with a less detailed design than my current works. I did not want the attention to be focused on too many details, I wanted the colors to be the protagonists, since it is the strong point of this tea. So I used these colors as part of the bottom of the sea, and added a few lemons representing the change from blue to pink. It seemed cool to add a shell to the design, representing a kind of throne in which the mermaid is sitting. And once again, add some marine plants, but without color.


How many cups of tea do you drink a day?

If I drink some tea, it’s a cold tea with some fruity flavor and a few drops of lemon.


Mermaid Tea is all about re-energising and restoring – how do you do this?

I get this a lot with cold showers, and going out especially on rainy days. It gives me energy. I also escape to the beach, when I return, I am totally a new person. Even for one day.


How do you work – is it late night chaos or are you organised and regimented?

I would say that it’s late night chaos. Basically because at night I am more in harmony than during the day, and it’s usually when I have a clearer vision of how I want to represent the designs. And I work better. I do not mind working from 12 at night until 6 in the morning, if I had the idea, I’m submerged in it and I do not realize it. Then I try to work less during the night once the idea is clear, and do the rest of the design during the day.


What other types of tea do you think we should make? 

 A vampire tea would be so cool. I would buy it instantly!


Which creatures do you think will be big next year? 

Maybe Aliens? hahaha I don’t really know.


Order Mermaid Tea to enjoy Alicia’s badass design and say NO to boring beverages with our magical, colour changing tea…