Making Candy Faces

Behind the scenes creating candy faces

This month our PR team made their very own personalised candy faces with a very special guest… We’d like to give you, our beautiful customers, a sneak-peek behind the scenes.

You could say Firebox are the leading purveyors of putting faces on things. Suitcases, cushions, air fresheners. There ain’t nothin’ we won’t put a face on.

So when our PR team, Cara and Dan, had the chance to make their own version of our impressive Face Licker lollipops, they practically leapt at the chance, like Hansel and Gretel finding the candy house owned by that feisty witch. Only with less storybook cannibalism and much more fun.

On top of creating lollipops of their own faces, our delightful PR duo decided to invite one of their buddies along, none other than social media superstar Helen Anderson (Anderz for short). She’s the queen of ASOS hauls, make up shopping and being an absolute legend. She’s a big fan of Firebox and we’re a big fan of hers, so naturally we were all very excited about this collaboration.

Helen and the team headed on down one fine Wednesday to the Spun Candy workshop in Spitalfields, London, to forge their own Face Licker lollipops, and let us tell you, it’s a lot harder than you think.


Our Face Licker amateur attempts

If you take a look below, you’ll bear witness to just how awful amateur candy makers are. Cara’s looks a bit like the orphan from the film, ‘The Orphan’, and Dan’s looks like an Italian Seth Rogen with bad allergies.


The work of a professional face candy man

But, in the hands of head sugarsmith Tom and the team at Spun, it’s a triumphant craft of precision and artistry. Tom immortalised Helen into a lollipop using his skilled, experienced hands and it came out incredibly well.

He can basically turn boiled sugar into any face, like some sort of sweet-smelling lolly wizard. Sadly he doesn’t wear a robe made from strawberry bootlaces with Haribo buttons, but he does possess a faint whiff of tutti-frutti.

The whole process took him around an hour or so, it’s amazing to watch. A vat of boiling sugar, poured onto a cold surface with colour added, snipped,  then all put shaped and moulded together to create one of the most unique personalised gifts you can buy. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to lick a lifesize lolly of their face?


Helen Anderson’s Face Licker attempt

Helen had a triumphant go at making her friend Josie, which, to be fair, isn’t a bad attempt at all (ignoring the cleft chin and colossal circumference). Note the on-fleek eyebrows and luscious brown hair. Classic.


All in all our PR team and Helen had a super fun time. Not many people get to claim that they’ve made a candy face out of melted sugar.

We hope you enjoyed this little sneak-peek behind the scenes of Firebox. It’s not all rainbows, unicorns and candy making, but most of the time, it is.


Check out Helen’s video of her day with us (skip to 7:20), as she attempted to make her own Face Licker

Fancy having your beautiful mug transformed into a giant personalised lollipop by a professional candyman? (Don’t worry, the PR team or Helen won’t have anything to do with it). Just provide a lovely photo and a brief description of the recipient, and wait patiently for your life-size lolly to be delivered to your door.

Love, Firebox. x