Last minute homemade Father’s Day gifts

Last Minute Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

If you’re going to leave it til’ the 11th hour then this is your one-stop guide for last minute homemade Father’s Day presents.

For the record, we don’t mean good last minute homemade Father’s Day gifts – we mean “FAAAAAAAACK it’s Father’s Day today/tomorrow” gifts. Slightly better than a text or a gift voucher. Maybe.

When time isn’t on your side you need to harness the power of fatherly nostalgia. In other words – you gotta get ur craft on.

Examples courtesy of our Customer Service Team.

The Dreadful Drawing


Remember when the fridge was smothered with your “masterpieces”? It’s time to unleash that same artistic genius – ideally using nothing but crayons.

What could tug on Dad’s heart strings more than a classic sketch of you and him holding hands outside your house? Don’t forget to scrawl your ‘signature’ and dribble some mashed banana on it for extra authenticity.

PRO TIP: If you want to give your drawing that authentic “should we be worried about our child?” look, you need to make it as sinister as possible – mad colours, menacing grins, objects that look like knives, characters covered in red crayon etc.

The “Adorable” Footprint


Bit weird, but you can’t deny there’s something cute about a teeny tiny baby footprint. So what could more her-larious than giving your Dad an up-to-date version? We’d give you a full step-by-step guide, but all you have to do is paint your foot (or get someone else to do it – very relaxing) then stamp on a piece of paper. A handprint would also work – perhaps you can give him the finger? Maybe not.

PRO TIP: Put some bloody newspaper down. We didn’t.

The Pasta Shell Monstrosity 


Dig out some spaghetti, pour out a jar of pasta shells and empty a bag of lentils. Cover a piece of A4 paper in PVA glue, rearrange the pasta into the vague shape of your Dad. Leave it to dry. Done.

Happy Father’s Day.

PRO TIP: Penne is good for limbs. Lentils are good for finer details. Extra points for using a piece of a Farfalle as a bow tie.

It was definitely more fun than we thought – but why not avoid all of the stress and mess and just buy your Father’s Day presents ahead of time?