Coolest Instadads we wish were our dads

Instadads we wish were our dads

Just imagine if your dad had Instagram, it would probably be zoomed-in pictures of your mum’s face (he still hasn’t figured out the digital camera) and snaps of his new lawnmower.

But in these modern times, being a dad is cool. Dad bods are hot, growing a salt and pepper beard is ‘on fleek’ and staying in to change nappies is the new going out.

So we rooted around everyone’s favourite picture-based social media channel, wading past the endless #foodporn pictures of avocadoes and ‘edgy’ #architecture snaps of sides of buildings to bring together a collection of the best dads of Instagram. So cool we wish they were our dads – cue tattoos, gymspiration and uber-cool parenting.

Rob Delaney

Star of hit comedy ‘Catastrophe,’ Rob Delaney is the man every dad wishes he was, and the dad everyone wishes they had.

When he’s not pretending to nurse his child with his manly teet, he’s standing in front of bad, often sweary graffiti and posing on giant balls in a playground.

BONUS DAD POINTS: He has an incredible, thick beard that is probably super soft.

Father of Daughters

If you’re after an intimate, hilarious peek at the life of a devoted dad of four girls, Father of Daughters is the place to check whether you really want kids.

From forgetting to wash a car seat that had two days earlier succumbed to an overflowing nappy, to giving your child £5 to buy what they want from a shop only to see them return with a can of squirty cream and a camembert, this often hilarious dad’s Instagram will either put you off for life or make you want to create some little shits of your own.

father of daughters
Brent Kruithof

The most exercise dads usually do is lifting a beer up to their face. This guy does press-ups with two kids clinging on to him. Imagine telling that to all your mates on the playground, you’d definitely win the ol’ ‘My dad can beat up your dad’ argument hands down.

It seems the trick to getting a superbly sculpted body is to have kids. We can only assume this is because you don’t have time to eat and you’re constantly running around after them.

brent k


The best our dads could do was beans on toast and the occasional, slightly burnt omelette. Not like this guy, who creates culinary creations that would leave Gordon Ramsay quivering in his chef boots.

This dad’s food pics are incredible, add in his ‘cool older dad’ vibe and the fact that he has the ability to make a trilby look stylish and you’ve got a winner.



Dads probably don’t get any cooler than this. In fact, people don’t get much cooler than this.

Hailing from Nashville, Aubrey rides motorbikes, has cool AF tattoos and can grow one heck of a beard – all whilst being a doting father to his four kids.


And finally, our very own Firebox designer, Rob Green.

Despite being the father of two boys, he still enters gruelling cycling races and consistently breaks bones. He also seems to have a penchant for dressing up like a member of ‘KISS’, which his kids are clearly used to.

rob (1)



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