How to do Christmas on a budget and still give great gifts

Gifts – Christmas on a budget

Gifts on a budget

Definition; Combining the art of giving amazing gifts, with the self-satisfying feeling of saving money.

The ideas of ‘gift buying on a budget’ and ’the most amazing, unique, coolest and unusual products around’ rarely crossover. But here at Firebox we’re not scared to combine those competing concepts into a tasty gift sandwich!

We’ve even made it easy for you by cramming them together in this blog post. You’re welcome Christmas!

Peg Board

Notes, recipes, messages, threats, puns, menus, lists, abuse, swears, reminders. These are a small selection of things the recipient of this house upgrade can look forward too.

Pegboard - Cheap gifts under £30

Pablo the Pufferfish Nightlight

Look at that little orange face. Not the most popular in the fish world, thanks in no small part to that pathetic little gimp Nemo. But he’s still taken the lighting world by storm. With devilish good looks and a fluorescent glow, who wouldn’t be charmed by this little fella. Back in your anemone Nemo you ponce.

Pablo Nightlight - - Cheap gifts under £30


UNT, it feels like it’s missing something. C… offee, that’s it.

Unt Mug - Cheap gifts under £30

F*cking Strong Coffee

Perfect for someone who loves their java and swearing on the strong side. 💪☕

Fucking strong coffee - Cheap gifts under £30

Giant STDs

As the saying goes ‘STDs are for life not just for Christmas’. So if you’re itching to give someone that warm feeling inside, now’s your chance.

Giant STDs - Cheap gifts under £30

Smartphone Projector

For the billionaire playboy out there the temptation to project the bat signal may prove too much but there’s plenty more this bad boy can do. This pre-assembled projector is also reet handy for sharing the latest and greatest click bait and ‘is that a fake!’ the internet has to offer.

Smartphone projector - Cheap gifts under £30

This is but a small selection of our gifting ideas. Check out our full range of gifts and our gifts under £20 at£20