The Firebox essential guide: How to travel in style

For those of you jetting off to the Ibiza closing parties, or  Scotland, or whatever, we’d like to remind you that travelling poses a lot of challenges, especially if you don’t have the right travel gear. Jetting off to a hen do or a stag do? There’s only so much we can protect you against, but at least you’ll have the right travel essentials.

Anyone whose ever spent an entire holiday wearing gift shop sarongs in various different ‘styles’ knows the woes of lost luggage. And no one wants to ‘tbt’ on Instagram to losing their towel on the beach and stumbling vulnerable and sandy back to the hotel.

Luckily, we’ve got some pro packing tips…Read on to find out how to travel in fine style!

Pack like an absolute pro with a personalised luggage cover

Head Case

You feel a twinge of concern as the luggage carousel rotates with no sign of your bag. It goes round another time and panic sets in. Phewww, there it is. You whip your unassuming black bag off the the carousel with vigour, pop it in your hire car and try not to think too much about being on the wrong side of the road. Back at the hotel you unzip the bag to slip into your swimmers…but wait…that’s not your stuff. YOU HAVE THE WRONG BAG. And some poor sod has yours. How awkward.

Avoid this debilitating scenario by purchasing a personalised Head Case case cover. It’s printed with your very own face (or absolutely anything you like!) so there’s no room for luggage mix ups. Sorted.

Take a diverting activity for the plane

Unicorns Are Jerks Colouring Book

The plane hits some unexpected turbulence over the North Sea, that 4am boozy drink is sitting rather badly, and there’s a toddler being a total tw*t on the seat behind you – what you desperately need is a lovely diverting activity. Enter the Unicorns Are Jerks colouring book. With fantastical imagery depicting all the various ways unicorns can be right w***ers, you’ll be so absorbed in soothing colouring you’ll have reached your destination before you can say ‘f**k you, unicorn’.

Never lose your spot on the beach again

Rainbow Blanket

So what the hotel only provided a grungy towel the size of an A4 piece of paper? You’re in the sun, you’re on holiday – nothing can ruin your vibe! Except, imagine how much more magical you’d look with this vibrant rainbow n’ cloud towel backdropping your swimming-cossie-clad bod….

It’s water-wicking polyester microfibre fabric means you can leave the beach dry and clothed, and it works just as well as a rather fab blanket for the plane.

Popsicle Power Bank

Popsicle Power Bank

Only one of your group remembered an adaptor and you’ve run out of phone battery listening to your ‘holiday hits’ playlist on 4G (you data roaming rebel, you). Avoid losing your friends/family/other half in a foreign country by keeping a Popsicle Power Bank handy. Providing 10 extra hours of Instagramming and 14 hours of talk time, this little lolly means a you can keep bringing hot dog leg selfies to the people all holiday long.

Go old school with your holiday memories

Prynt Pocket

It’s the day after you get back from holiday and you’re ignoring your inbox whilst lethargically flicking through hundreds of holiday pics. Wouldn’t it be great if you could convert those digital selfies into real-life-object photos like in the good old days of film cameras, but without waiting for them to develop? Yes, yes it would. Prynt Pocket allows you to plug in your phone and print off pics right here, right now. So you can stick your lovely holiday memories around your room and think nice thoughts even though it’s a really s***t Tuesday and you have an early meeting in the morning.