Best Father’s Day gift ideas for the hard-working dad

Father's Day gifts ideas

We hope this article has equipped you with some unusual Father’s Day gift ideas, too see our full range of presents for dads .

The Masterpan is the perfect gift for dads who love to gorge on a full (and we mean full) English breakfast.


Does your Dad like to start his morning with a coffee?

We’ve got a whole host of gifts for dads who kneel before the mighty caffeinated gods. Pour your old man a hot cup of our Fucking Strong Coffee to really kickstart his day.

F*cking Strong Coffee


After a beverage of this magnitude, your father is probably going to have to relieve himself.

Dads are often (wrongfully) accused of poor aiming practises in the toilet department, but the Illumibowl finally puts these issues to bed – by bathing your father’s lavatory visits in a rainbow of glorious colour. In many ways this isn’t just a gift for dad, it’s a present for the whole family.


Dad cycles to work?

There is no greater gift to diffuse road-rage incidents and make your dad more visible than a glowing pair of Bike Balls. Even if your father doesn’t ride a bike he could still affix these pendulous beacons to his belt to keep commuters out of his way.

Bike Balls


After a long hard slog at the office/studio/mill, your dad needs a gift to help him relax and unwind.

No problem. Sling your father a couple of Stress Sausages and let him stretch and pound the strain away.