Here is your Christmas gift guide for 2017!

Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Welcome to the Firebox Christmas gift guide 2017.

When it comes to finding unusual presents that will make you ‘win’ this Christmas then we totally have your back. We’ve pored over 600+ lifestyle products to bring you the best options for every conceivable person in your life.

From booze, food, tech, gadgets, homewares and lighting to games, art, clothing, books and oddities.

Some of it personalised. Lots of it exclusive to Firebox. All of it guaranteed to beat 99.9% of all the uninspired, dreary, twee, boring competition.

We are the homeware and lifestyle shop for people with imagination. Let’s get you started in the right direction.


Christmas gifts for him

Inspirational, unique, weird, fun presents for any chap this Festivus.

Gifts For Him


Christmas gifts for her

More unusual, mind-blowing, cool swag for your closest gal.

Gifts For Her

Festive presents for couples

Urrrgh. We’ve got the always tricky festive present buying for couples locked down, with our out of the ordinary collection.

Gifts For Couples

Seasonal gifts for boyfriends

He deserves better than an Amazon gift voucher!

Gifts For Boyfriends

Festive gifts for girlfriends

She deserves better than you. Let’s be honest. So make sure you at least try and not get her something crap.

Gifts For Girlfriends

Christmas presents for brothers

Blood is thicker than water. That’s just science.

Gifts For Brothers

Seasonal gifts for sisters

SISTERS are doing it for themseeeeelves. Or not. Maybe you have to do it for them.

Gifts For Sisters

Christmas gifts for Mum

The amount of thought and energy and love she’s spent on you and what do you get her? A bit of money to cover the clothes she’s already bought herself. Shame on you. SHAME.

Gifts For Mum

Christmas gifts for Dad

He pays for everything, in so many ways, and yet you treat him like the last person on your list. He says he doesn’t want anything. He lies. Go to town. Entertain him with something a little unusual. Don’t forget about D-A-D.

Gifts For Dad