The best Secret Santa gifts for Christmas

Best Secret Santa Gifts

Finding good Secret Santa gifts can be tricky. It’s a weird one. It can be a family thing or a work (family) event.

Family ones are great. And easy. If you don’t know what to get your sister/brother/uncle/auntie/step-dad/dad/cousin/mum/step-mum/mum’s special friend from next door/that one you call your cousin but actually they’re just an old family friend/nanny etc by now then you don’t really deserve a family.

Sorry, that’s just how we/they feel.

However, work Secret Santa can be a little harder.

Maybe you work at a lovely place where you know everyone and genuinely like (dare we say even LOVE) them. This means buying a Secret Santa gift is a joyous opportunity to surprise them with something unusual. Whilst looking cool to your other colleagues.

However, maybe you work at the opposite end of the spectrum, where you quite literally don’t know anyone’s name (or care too) and you walk around trying desperately to avoid eye contact or being cornered in the communal kitchen by that weird one you tell your mates about.

Either way, you’ll likely want to avoid the Gareth Keenan (invetigates) attitude of ‘a tenner in an envelope’. It’s a chance to show people you don’t just ‘dial it in’ and in fact have a wicked eye for the perfect present for cherished workmates/strangers you share a toilet with. You never know it could be the event that finally gets you accepted into the gossip clique you’ve always feared you’ve been the target of (trust your instincts, they really do talk about you).

That’s why we’ve made our Secret Santa Gift Guide to help you win this Christmas peculiarity.

F*cking Strong Coffee

Dropping the F-Bomb at work can be high risk but high reward depending on the recipient and the company HR procedure. Your call.

F*cking Strong Coffee - Secret Santa Gifts


A perfectly practical present for the fashion forward workmate. Or the clutz. Or Eddie Izzard.

Tweexy - Secret Santa Gifts

Pablo the Pufferfish Nightlight

Just look at his eyes. Empty. Bright. Vacant. Loving. People will lose their minds if they get this as a Secret Santa gift. It’s just tooooo cute.

Pablo the Pufferfish Nightlight - Secret Santa Gifts

How to Live With a Huge Penis Book

Q: What does a man with a two-foot penis have for breakfast?

A: This morning I had a boiled egg.

How to live with a huge penis - Secret Santa Gifts

Peropon Drinking Animal Planter

Come on, give me a nice, wet, lickery kiss.

Peropon Drinking Animal Planter - Secret Santa Gifts

Edible Anus

Pucker up for an HR arse kissing.

Edible Anus - Secret Santa Gifts

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