Firebox alternative movie posters – staff picks

Alternative Movie Posters

Today is the launch of our new and exclusive collaboration with Alternative Movie Posters aka AMP. Bringing you a curated collection of re-imagined alternative movie posters from some amazing independent artists. This ever-expanding collection of art will keep growing and evolving with new artists and posters being added regularly.

With everything from Star Trek to the Wolf of Wall Street, our curated collection of alternative movie posters have something for film buffs and design fans alike. To help give you a taste of this eclectic collection we’ve pulled together some of the Firebox team’s personal favourites. We hope that it acts as a source of inspiration for you, in terms of art and life in general, probably more the former.

Danny Clayton – Professional Tweeter

“I’m a huge lover of all things Blade Runner so I love how this hasn’t moved too far from the styling of the movie. It’s awesome that they included the Oriental style neon lettering. The use of multiple languages is pretty synonymous with the movie and its hodge-podge dialect.”

Blade Runner Los Angeles 2019 by Falcon White - Alternative Movie Posters

Los Angeles 2019 by Falcon White


Mike Peters – Wordist

“Not even a fan of World of Warcraft, just really like the illustration style and the muted colours they’ve used.”

World of Warcraft - Alternative Movie Posters

Fel by Sharm Murugiah


Cara Davies – PR

“Having watched this iconic 80s-style series from the moment it came out, I’ve been totally hooked and already cannot wait for Series 2. I’ve put this print up on a wall in my living room and must admit to being slightly terrified at the idea that the creature might burst through the wall at any moment!”

Stranger things - Alternative Movie Posters

Stranger Things by Doaly


John Harrington – Customer Service 

“My favourite character from Stranger Things. The portrayal of her vulnerability has a harrowing connotation which only becomes apparent once you’ve gone through the trails of watching Stranger Things.”

Stranger things - Alternative Movie Posters

Vale of the Shadows by Richard Davies


Rob Green – Designer

“It’s Mutha fuckin’ Bill Murray yo!”

Bill Murray - Alternative Movie Posters

Porthole Steve by Sam Gilby


Dan Farr – (more) PR

“As a massive fan of the ‘Cornetto Trilogy’ and being able to quote almost every memorable line, this print looks great in my flat, right next to my bloodied cricket bat. Now let’s go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.”

Shawn of the Dead - Alternative Movie Posters

You’ve Got Red On You by Gary Marta


Fifi – Head of Brand & Content

“I love bold, bright and stylised prints so this one really stood out for me, looks a bit fu*king mental so think it would work quite well in my minimalist style flat. I haven’t actually watched this film but seeing this print has made me want to watch it- also gives a bit of a backstory to the print hanging in my living room!”

Neon Demon - Alternative Movie Posters

Beauty is Vicious by Joshua Kelly

Are you not entertained? Want to see more amazing alternative movie posters? Lucky for you, we know just the place – View the full Firebox | AMP range

Prints range from £19.99 – £49.99.