Student lighting – upgrade your room without breaking the bank

Student lighting

Moving into student halls or moving into your first student house is a rite of passage. If it’s your first year at Uni you’ve got freshers to look forward to it. If it’s not you’re probably not looking forward to freshers in the slightest. *Please wait… loading student stereotypes* So get ready for pot noodles, mouldy bathrooms and never having money ever again. (Sorry if we’re the ones to break that to you).

Let’s face it your; room, student dungeon, study hole, writing cell, (thought fortress?!) can be somewhere you spend a lot of your time whilst at uni. Albeit in your bed riddled with regret and a mega headache. Still, it’s important you at least try and jazz it up a touch. So we’ve pulled together a list of glowing stuff, or ‘lights’ to those of you who are tech savvy, all at £30 and under. Now you can add some shazaz (not an antipodean wine) to your room without sacrificing food for the next 3 months.*

*whatever happens you’re likely not eating.


We all know you won’t be doing a lot of work on that Ikea desk and plastic stool taking up half your room. So you may as well get something to make it look nice. The Desktop Cinema Light Box is also perfect for those ‘inspirational messages’ like “Get out of bed pig!” or maybe “Netflix = life”. Side note – Leaving the letters out is an interesting way of getting to know your new housemates and their favourite obscenities.

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If there’s one thing you will never be short of at Uni its bottles, well and cans, but we all know cans are for stacking! So why not use those bottles to create something unique and useful like an awesome lamp that’s rechargeable via USB! And unlike those Ikea tealights they aren’t likely to burn the place down if you fall asleep with them on.

Bottle lights - Gifts under £30



*Please read the next line in a bad Italian accent*

It’s a me! Your light. *thanks*. If you love a #TBT #Nintendo *shudders* you and this lamp are going to get on swimmingly. Sadly this question mark block doesn’t throw out gold coins every time you headbutt it, trust us 🤕. But it will turn off and on with a tap on the top, which will reduce your electricity bill and not result in a cracked melon.

Question Block Lamp - Gifts under £30



Because nothing says romance like Darth Vaders glowing helmet. OK so it may not have the romantic charm of 300 candles and a bed covered in roses petals, but it looks cool as hell. Not a fan of the heavy breathing sith lord? Don’t worry! We also have the genocidal ‘just following orders’ clone version in the shape of the Stormtrooper light.

Star Wars Mood Lights - Gifts under £30


Already managed to get your hands on the lamp of your dreams? What about a super smart & colourful upgrade? Kasa Smart LightBulbs could well be the winner you’re looking for. Control the colour, brightness and save money all from your phone. In comparison to their analogue cousins (can a bulb be analogue?) these bulbs are well ahead of the crowd.


For the budding Spongebob enthusiast or even the mature connoisseur, this has to be the holy grail of lamps. Even if you don’t like the cheeky underwater scamp you have to agree that this is one cool light. And it’s also only £9.99! Even Patrick wouldn’t be ‘intellectually challenged’ enough to pass on this one.

Pineapple Lamp - Gifts Under £30


It’s 3am and your bladder resembles a hot-air-balloon. You stumble to the toilet and unable (too lazy) to find the light you decide to release and hope. Then you amble ‘confidently’ back to bed. The next day you wake up at 11:53am and head to the toilet only to discover that last night your aim was less than true. Oh the horror. Why run that risk when you can solve it by turning your toilet into the light? Hoorah for Illumibowl. Not only can you choose between 9 colours (or even disco mode for the ravers amongst you) but it’s also motion activated meaning you only have to make it to the bathroom and Illumibowl will do the rest. Well, everything apart from the business itself.

Illumibowl - Gifts under £30

Still not sure if any of these glowing examples will light up your life? Then check out our full range of lamps and lighting.