Sphero Battle-worn Star Wars BB-8 with Force Band

Sphero Battle-worn Star Wars BB-8 with Force Band

Fulfill your destiny & become Jedi Knight

Announcements from the Star Wars universe are always exciting, but when they’re related to new gadgets then they’re MEGA exciting. The latest news is very much of the double ended lightsaber standard! THERE’S A NEW STAR WARS BB-8!!

Introducing, Sphero Battle-worn Star Wars BB-8. Not only do we get a new version of the best character in The Force Awakens, but we also get a new way to control him with the amazing Force Band.

*Minds Blown*

We all know his time on Jakku was ‘fairly’ eventful and now he’s got the scars and grime to show for it. The droid just got dirty.

Star Wars BB-8 and Forceband

A Battle-worn version is already a pretty awesome update to what was easily our favourite Star Wars toy in recent years, but the Force Band is the real game changer.

If you’re anything like us then you can often be found desperately trying to channel the force into opening automatic doors, getting your keys to fly through the air into your hand and generally influencing the minds of the weak. Well, the Force Band doesn’t quite do that yet but it  WILL allow you to control BB8 without the need for your phone and instead using hand gestures and a sprinkling of force-like skill.

The Star Wars Force Band also has some ingenious tech that reacts to random disturbances in the force, all around you. Just imagine the scenario. You’re popping to the toilets in the Mos Eisley Cantina when suddenly your Force Band senses a ‘disturbance’. What The Force! Now you can suddenly track these disturbances down in real life in the form of unlockable content, characters and more. Think ‘Pokemon Go’ but with Star Wars!!!

Sphero Battle-worn Star Wars BB-8 and Force Band – What’s in the box

Sphero Battle-worn BB-8 App-Enabled Droid, Battle-worn Induction Charging Base, Force Band, Collector’s Tin, Micro USB Cable, Quick Start Guide & Legal Guide.


BB8 force band

For those of you thinking; “Hang on I’ve already got BB-8 but I want to get in on a bit of force  band action” there’s no need to panic. You can also pick up the Force Band on it’s own to use with your existing Sphero BB-8. We’d highly suggest pre-ordering to avoid missing out. These things are H.O.T.