The best personalised gifts for him this Christmas

Personalised gifts for him this Christmas

Our personalised gifts for him could just about be the best way to steal Christmas Day this year. Just like the person you want to be, they’re thoughtful, unique and unusual.

And cheap.

Hahahahah. That was a joke. A good one as well. You know it was a good one. Don’t pretend.

They’re not cheap. They’re actually great value for money. Just like you.

You’re great value for money.

Don’t get us wrong though. You don’t have to go the personalised gifts route. We’ve got your back no matter what you need. Our exclusive range of unusual products will steal the day no questions asked. Whether it be food, drink, art, gadgets, home and lifestyle or just the gift of mystery.

These personalised gift ideas will help you customise Christmas for the brother, lover, father, husband, son and best friend in your life. Here are just a few ideas to get you started…

Monster Mushions 

Monster Mushions

Give the wonderful and thoughtful give of an enormous cushion personalised with the face of its recipient! Or, if you’re feeling a little egotistical, with your own face, and make creepy ‘sit on my face’-esque suggestions in the card.

Brick Yourself

Brick Yourself

Brick Yourself, in a good way. Convert one of your nearest and dearest into a minuscule lego figure in a frame, simply by uploading an image of him to our website, along with some key details which will help our Brick-maestros craft a realistic (yet tiny and yellow) version of him. Creepy yet good.

Head Case

Head Case

Now, this is a truly novel and monumentally useful personalised gift to give a fella. Anyone who has ever lost their flimsily labelled luggage to the Airport aether knows the utter tedium of (sometimes) retrieving it, ripped open with only a sock and some toothpaste left. Simply upload an image of his face to our site and order this personalised luggage cover, so they may avoid this horror.

Fresh Face 

Fresh Face

Never ride solo alone again. Our selection of scents will make the lucky recipient have a nose-gasm: Bacon, Coffee, Fresh Linen, Island Breeze, and of course…that New Car smell. Once you’ve picked the parfum simply click on ‘personalised’ to adorn your fresheners with his (or your…or someone else’s) face!


Personalised Gifts for Him - Mushions

Like Monster Mushions, but smaller, ya feel us? Give this lovely personalised cushion to a particularly self-centred friend, by getting his face printed on his comfy lil’ sack. Or, get yours printed on it, or a stranger’s (providing you have the image rights and permission of said party).

A fine collection of personalised gifts for him. We’re sure you’ll agree. However, that’s just a sniff of the Firebox personalised product range.

The beauty of all of three is that they don’t have to be for a him at all. They’re easily customised for a her. Or even an it. Animals deserve to be immortalised too.

Firebox are here to create and bring you the coolest, most unusual lifestyle accessories, gifts on the planet. Check out the ever-growing collection of exclusive products for yourself over here.