Our top alternative horror posters – Halloween

Our Top Alternative Horror Posters – Halloween

Halloween and horror movies go hand in bloody, severed hand. Halloween also brings out everyone’s, usually sleeping, artistic leanings as you get creative with makeup, face-paint and offensive costumes. 

Halloween. Horror. Halloween. Art. Halloween. Movies. 

That makes for one hell of a smooth segue into our favourite horror posters from our exclusive collaboration with Alternative Movie Posters. Available now at Firebox.

The horror of everyday life means these will look great on your walls all year round! 

The Shining

Redrum. All work and no play. The twins. The trike. Heeere’s Johnny. The carpet. The old lady. The lift and waves of blood. The pantry. The maze. The photo. Room 237. Jack. Wendy. Danny. Dick Hollorann. Grady.

Kubrick’s conspiracy soaked masterpiece (check out crazy but fantastic film Room 237 for all the amazingly detailed conspiracy theories surrounding The Shining) is the ultimate cerebral horror.  

A great gift for the frustrated writer and homicidal family man. 

Here's Jonnny Horror Posters - Murder by Juan Manuel Orozco


In space no one can hear you scream. 

I bet they can. If they’re close enough. Or they’ve just seen something burst out of a crewmates chest during dinner. 

Ripley. Arguably the greatest female character in sci-fi or horror. Give her the respect she deserves and hang her terrified, but determined face on your walls, so she can watch the horror of your life unfold! 

Horror Posters - The 8th Passenger by Thomas Kirkeberg


Stephen King makes a second appearance (after The Shining) in our spooky art and prints list with Carrie. A real ‘bloody’ delight. 

Misfit, bullied high school girl, destroys town and sadistic classmates using telekinetic powers.

We’ve all been there! 

Horror Posters - Save The Last Dance For Her by Alain Bossuyt


Ok, so it’s a comedy horror. But Halloween needs a couple of laughs. Trick or treat certainly doesn’t provide them. So lame. 

The first (and best) part of the cornetto trilogy. Before Simon Pegg went all slim and Hollywood. Instantly quotable and fantastically violent. 

You’ve got red on you.  

Horror Posters - You've Got Red On You by Garry Marta


One, two, Freddy’s coming for you. 

Three, four, better lock your door. 

Five, six, grab a crucifix.

Seven, eight, gonna stay up late. 

Nine, ten, never sleep again. 

One of the best baddies ever. A slasher fright classic. Johnny Depp got well murdered in it. Maybe it’s where he got the idea for Edward Scissorhands’ hands. 

A dream gift for the insomniac in your life. 

Horror Posters - Deadly Tired by Alain Bossuyt

Whether you’re kitting your house out ready for an artistically gruesome Halloween or just want to add some darkness to your walls, we’ve got your need for horror posters covered. Check out the full Alternative Movie Posters range here.