The craziest on-screen ‘virtual’ reality we wish was real

Screen to 'virtual' reality

If movies have taught us one thing it’s that if it looks mad enough then someone may well make it for real. Virtual reality has exploded onto our screens, or headsets rather, and more and more of us seem like we can’t get enough of getting lost in the virtual world. But with VR headsets being the latest from screen to reality invention we got thinking on what would be our top movie based VR gear that we’d like to see become a ‘virtual’ reality… nice!


Somewhere near the top of the list has to be the crazy augmented reality golf gloves/display from Minority Report, this 100% must have a name? Because who hasn’t wanted to throw internet explorer away, literally, get in the sea internet explorer.


MATRIX (just the first one)

Next has to be the 6.5mm ‘Head Jack Barbershop Chair’ from the Matrix, this does feature in all 3 films but in our eyes the second 2 don’t exist, there was no need for him to fly 🙁

But yeah as much as we don’t want to be ‘plugged in’, the irony that you’re all reading this on your phones just sprung to mind… anyway, being plugged in without your consent isn’t what we mean, we are more after the instant Kung Fu master downloads and bullet dodging.



We mean the original before we get trolled to hell, because who doesn’t want a go at real life air hockey using discs made of your own identity and neon lights. Plus it’s only slightly more dangerous than normal world air hockey, keep your fingers off the table kids.




Well at least part of the idea of her, less of the in love with your house and more of the virtual butler/assistant side of things. I suppose this one isn’t too far off with ‘smart’ fridges and your washing machine texting you updates throughout the day, but yeah wrap it all up together with a comedic voice C3PO or Homer Simpson? a 19-year-olds sat nav but letting you know you are out of toilet roll, sounds like a winner to us.



The weird robot ‘private time’ headsets from Demolition Man, the madness of everything in Lawnmower Man and who can forget Virtuosity, murderous AI in the form of Russell Crowe. All of these are probably a few years off, or hopefully they’ll never happen, we’re looking at you Russell Crowe!

However, if you do fancy taking your first steps into virtual reality without having to make the Red vs Blue pill decision or remortgage your house *cough* Oculus Rift *cough* then be sure to take a look our brand new VR headset Infinity.

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